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Product Questions

Fiber number

2 - 288 fibers.


Buffer tube number

The cables can be produced in various buffer tube numbers depending on the desired number of fibers. The number of the buffer is determined by the HES CABLE depending on the customer's request or the cable structure. Up to 12 optical fibers can be inserted into the buffer tube.


Places used

HDPE etc. in long distance and local communication networks. It is used in pipe made from material.


Cable Construction

Buffer tubes (wicks if present) are twisted in SZ twist machines to FRP (Fiber Core) or SZ around the steel center element. Then the aramid yarn is applied and covered with HDPE or MDPE. The cord is used for waterproofing gel. Dry water can also be produced with blocking elements.


Fiber to be used

ITU-T G652 D, G655, G657 SM fiber; 62.5 / 125 and 50/125 μm MM fiber

Mechanical Properties of Open-Ended Fiber Optic Cables

Parameter Value Standard

Tensile Strength 2700 N IEC-60794-1-E1

Repeat Bending 10xCable dia. ; W = 10 kg IEC-60794-1-E6

Impact 20 Nm; 2 m cable IEC-60794-1-E4

Torsion ± 180 ° 20 cycles; W = 10 kg IEC-60794-1-4-E7

Crushing 4400 N / 10 cm IEC-60794-1-E3

Temperature Cycle -40 to +80 ° C IEC-60794-1-F1

Bending Diameter 20xcable diamet IEC-60794-1-E11

Water Sealing 1 m sample, 24 hours, no water IEC-60794-1-F5


- All these tests result in a maximum attenuation change of 0.05 dB / km.

- The above values ​​are standard and the cable can be designed in the specifications desired by the customer

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